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What are Private Label Supplements?

Private label supplements are manufactured by an outside private label supplement manufacturing partner, rather than produced in-house. An excellent choice for both new and established brands, private label supplements ensure that the R&D and manufacturing portion of the product line is handled according to world-class Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), so brands can focus their energies and resources on sales and marketing distribution. Private label supplement manufacture can be fulfilled for dietary and vitamin supplements, OTC health supplements, nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, naturopathic medicines and remedies, pet nutrition, and other custom formulations. A top-tier private label supplement manufacturer should offer full documentation of its quality standards, complete traceability throughout its manufacturing process, and a myriad of dosage form and packaging options for clients to choose from.

NutraLab Canada, Your Partner for Private Label Supplement Manufacture

With over 20 years of experience, Nutralab is a Canadian homegrown company that has quickly grown into a leading private label supplement manufacturer helping brands worldwide. Its GMP-compliant infrastructure is designed to the most exacting Health Canada site license requirements, and is reviewed and renewed annually. We meet and exceed private label supplement brands’ every need in manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing. This comes with a professional team of scientists, laboratory technicians, purchasing team, graphic designers and customer relationship executives with a focus on quality and a commitment to your private label supplement brand’s success.

Throughout the years, Nutralab has worked closely as a strategic partner with private label supplement brands to develop highly competitive private label supplements that are NPN licensed (registered with Health Canada), vegan, kosher and/or halal certified. Ingredients are sourced globally and can be formulated from over 500 pre-registered NPN formulas or customized with NutraLab’s in-house formulation experts. Formulas can take all dosage forms such as softgels, tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, and syrups.

Nutralab also offers packaging options such as label design, small batch label printing, bottling, cartoning, blister packing, and powder sachet packaging. Every product is created to the highest standards and in accordance with the latest Health Canada safety guidelines and requirements.

Private Label Supplements - The Cost Effective Solution

Building up a licensed private label supplement manufacturing facility is a time-consuming and costly investment. The costs of getting a GMP compliant facility, establishing raw material sourcing channels, developing product formulas, setting up manufacturing lines, and hiring qualified technicians, scientists, formulation experts, and QA/QC staff, among other expenses, must be considered before a product can even be manufactured. By outsourcing supplement manufacturing, brands can take advantage of a dedicated private label supplement manufacturer’s enormous economies of scale and efficiencies to get a product to market faster and smoother. This ensures both significant cost savings and minimized issues.

Established private label supplement manufacturers with a strong R&D team like NutraLab also offer a large number of pre-developed and pre-registered formulas in addition to flexible custom R&D solutions. Stock formula options allow private label supplement brands to get to market very quickly as only a quick packaging step is needed, while custom formulas let brands stand out with truly innovative products. By offering both options, private label supplement brands can invest in only what they to eliminate unnecessary costs and result in a quicker turnaround.

Private Label Supplements Produced in Canada, Enjoyed Around the World

NutraLab proudly exports to countries around the world. As the designated private label supplement manufacturer of a large number of global brands, Nutralab offers help with product certification, applications for a product NPN number, and ensures every product meets regulation standards of Health Canada, FDA, and global export standards. NutraLab works closely with international private label supplement brands to make sure products are created to Canada’s highest standards, and also adheres to their country’s regulatory standards.

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